Parent Charter

What is it?

Our Parent Charter is a ‘go to guide’ that will hopefully assist parents / carers engage with the school or other organisations that can offer support / help / advice  for them and their children.

Who was involved?

The Parent Charter was devised and constructed by the Parent Council in conjunction with the school. Several focus groups comprising our current S1 parents / carers were also involved prior to the launch.

How would we envisage it is used?

It is hoped the Parent Charter will provide Parents / Carers with information they might require to fully support their child / children through their journey at Cumbernauld Academy. We hope it is an easy to use informative resource that points people in the right direction when / if they feel they need some support.

Download a copy of the BGE Parent Charter by clicking on the image above or by clicking here. 

If downloading on a Smartphone / Tablet we would recommend viewing the Parent Charter in landscape mode for a better viewing / interactive experience.