Cancellation of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ trip

Unfortunately, due to ongoing Covid restrictions, we have had to cancel our planned trip to see ‘Romeo and Juliet’ at Cumbernauld Theatre.  We are very disappointed to have to do this, but we must put the health and safety of our pupils and staff first.  Any pupil who has already paid for their ticket should see Mrs Robertson-Bishop in the English department for a refund.

Romeo and Juliet Theatre Trip

***Sadly, this trip has been cancelled due to ongoing Covid restrictions***

We plan to take a number of pupils to the inaugural show, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, at the new Cumbernauld Theatre building.  This is an exciting opportunity to be one of the first groups to attend the new space, enjoy some live theatre and to introduce some of our pupils to Shakespeare.

We would like to invite all S3 pupils, S4 and S5 drama students and 5A1 and Advanced Higher English students to attend the performance at 1pm on Thursday 7th October 2021 at the Cumbernauld Theatre building located on the school campus.

The cost of tickets is £8.50 and this should be paid to Mrs Robertson-Bishop in the English department (room F049) or Ms Tulloch in the Drama department by Monday 13th September.  The exact change would be greatly appreciated if possible.

BGE (S1-S3) Reading Resources

To improve your reading skills (or to support your young person with their reading), take a look at these fantastic BGE (S1-S3) resources listed under Pages (on right hand side) > BGE Resources.

Good luck, everyone!

Very best of luck to all our National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher pupils sitting their final assessments this week! Four leaf clover  You’ve got this!

National Poetry Day 2020

Happy National Poetry Day 2020 from the CA English Department! At least we’ll always have poetry…

“Love in the Time of Coronavirus”, by Nikita Gill, illustrated by Chris Riddell

Book Returns

Welcome back to school, everyone! This is a plea for all class texts used last year to be returned to your English teacher as soon as possible. Thank you!


New classes to start on 26th May 2020

Following on from the post below, we can now confirm that new year groups will be in effect from Tuesday 26th May. From this date, pupils will be assigned to their new year groups and classes (for details see “Important: English classes 2020-21” post)*. All teaching materials and assignments will now be disseminated via Microsoft Teams and you should login as soon as possible to find your new English class and teacher. Please note that pupil engagement will be monitored  in order to ensure the very best teaching and learning experience for all.

*Mrs Robertson-Bishop’s classes will not start on Teams until 1st June. Until then, work can be accessed on

5A1- ypmp3t
4A6- mrrhhk
3A2- wddins
2T6- abw7gt

*3A4 (previously Mr Brown’s 2T4) will be taught online by Miss Downie until the summer break.

Important: English Classes 2020-21

The English department will soon be using Microsoft Teams to deliver work to all classes. Please login to Teams using your Glow account to access your new English class for the 2020-21 session.

  • All current S1 and S3 pupils will remain with the same teacher(s) but you will now be known as S2 and S4
  • All current S2 and S4 pupils should check the table below to find out who their new English teacher will be
  • S5 English pupils progressing to S6 will be added to the relevant class at a later date once the options process is complete.
2019-20 Current session and teacher) 2020-21 New session and teacher
2T1 Ms Moseley 3A1 Mr McDonald
2T2 Mrs Passmore/Mrs Hall 3A2 Mrs Robertson-Bishop
2T3 Mr McDonald 3A3 Mrs Passmore/Mrs Hall
2T4 Mr Brown 3A4 TBC (Miss Downie)
2T5 Miss Downie 3A5 Ms Heron
2T6 Mrs Rodgers/ Miss Downie 3A6 Mr Brown


2019-20 Current session and teacher 2020-21 New session and teacher
4A1 Mr McDonald 5A1 Mrs Robertson-Bishop
4A2 Mr Brown/ Mrs Passmore 5A2 Ms Moseley
4A3 Mrs Rodgers 5A3 Mr McDonald
4A4 Mr Brown 5A4 Mrs Passmore
4A5 Ms Heron 5A4 Ms Heron
4A6 Mrs Rodgers 5A6 Mr Brown


Welcome back!

We hope you have all had a restful and enjoyable break from (home-)school and feel ready to learn again! 🙂 If you click on the link below you will find a grid of literacy tasks to complete that are suitable for any year group. Where links/resources are required, you can find these under the Links and Resources for Home Learning tab under Pages on the right-hand side. You will also find loads of other links to useful tasks for improving your English and Literacy skills.

Literacy Tasks


While we will be continuing to upload resources and links to this webpage in preparation for next term, please be aware that you are not under any obligation to complete school work during the holiday period and that your teachers in the English department won’t be available via email or Edmodo. We wish you all a very happy and restful break away from formal learning and urge you to log back on to the website and/or your English class’s Edmodo page on Monday 20th April to access a wide selection of literacy tasks that will keep you busy and challenged! Happy holidays, everyone. 🙂

S1 Sumdog

Attention S1! Remember you can use Sumdog to work on your spelling and reading skills.


Please join your class on Edmodo if you are in any of the English classes mentioned below:

1T5 Mrs Passmore & Mrs Downie’s S1 class – Edmodo code 4ta67k

2T2 Mrs Passmore & Mrs Hall’s S2 class – Edmodo code s7r9vi

4A2 Mrs Passmore and M Brown’s S4 class – Edmodo code u54vc9

5A2 Ms Downie’s S5 class – Edmodo code jt3edc

5A5 Ms Downie’s S5 class – Edmodo code jzrhrc

More Free Culture!

A selection of National Theatre Live productions (recordings of stage shows which have previously be screened in cinemas) will be made available on the National Theatre’s YouTube channel from next Thursday (2nd April). Productions are shown every Thursday at 7pm, and then available for seven days.