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“In October 2018, 12 of our S5 pupils were appointed to the role of ‘Mental Health Ambassador’ after submitting a written application and carrying out a short presentation to Mr Parker & Miss Campbell. On being appointed, an intensive 2-day training course was delivered to the team by NHS trained mental health first aiders to equip them with the skills and knowledge required to begin their role.

Their message is a simple one; that at Cumbernauld Academy it is okay not to be okay. To spread this message, the team have spoken to all staff at the November inservice day and spoke at length to all pupils in the school at house assemblies.

Recently, our Mental Health Ambassadors have started to deliver a series of lessons to our S2 cohort through Skills for Life which cover the following areas;
– Stigma around Mental Health
– Understanding Stress
– Understanding Anxiety
– Understanding Depression
– Understanding Self Harm.

Through these lessons, pupils are encouraged to deliver some crucial key messages. These are;
1. We all have mental health just as we all have physical health. At times, as with physical health, mental health can be poor, but with support we can get better.

  1. By helping people to get the support they need and giving people a positive message that things can and will get better.

  2. As MHA we are there to listen. If we are worried or concerned about your wellbeing we will share the information with an adult.

  3. As MHA we understand how important it is to offer support without making judgements about people’s circumstances and behaviours. We are committed to treating everybody fairly, without discrimination.

  4. During the sessions, if you share personal information, please only talk about things that you feel comfortable and safe to talk about.”

We are looking at ways of making sure that the work of the Mental Health Ambassadors continues as we move into the new school and beyond. We will continue to raise the profile of the Ambassadors, the outstanding work they are carrying out on a day to day basis and to promote their message as part of our school ethos.”