S4 Wider Achievement: Debating

Want to debate contentious issues and hone your skills of persuasion?

This course will develop your skills of:

  • reading for research
  • (speech) writing
  • note-taking
  • talking and listening in groups
  • interacting with others
  • critical thinking


There is a balance between individual research, speech writing, group work activities and competitive debate.

You will:

  • watch and analyse famous speeches
  • present a project on an inspirational speaker of your choice
  • prepare for debates through research activities
  • understand and create ‘motions’
  • construct complex arguments
  • deliver solo speeches
  • learn how to make and respond to points of information
  • perform in competitive debates on contentious issues
  • be trained in judging debates and giving feedback
  • become fluent in the art of persuasion


Public Speaking

Eye contact, gesture, facial expression, stance, voice, pace, use of notes….



The rule of three; the rhetorical question; listing; repetition; understatement; hyperbole; emotive language…



Rapport with the audience; appeals to reason; appeals to emotion; appeals to shared values through anecdote; manipulating statistics…




Good general knowledge

An interest in current affairs, politics, moral dilemmas, philosophical inquiry

A willingness to try public speaking

Strong opinions matched with a fiery temperament or a cool head…