Summer reading challenge!


Record how much you read over the summer and challenge yourself to read new and more difficult books! If you successfully complete the challenge see Miss Rothery for a prize in August!

Point system:

2 points- read for 30 mins
5  points-
read for 1 hour
6 points-
finish a book
+try the list on the second page too!!


*if you manage to reach 100 points= prize rewarded



Drop Everything and Read!

 Thank you to all staff and pupils for participating and promoting this event!

The day was full of suspense and excitement as pupils and staff anxiously waited to hear the announcement to drop everything and read! It was so lovely to see the whole school enjoying the wonderful world of reading! We look forward to next term with more secret D.E.A.R events!


Here are some staff and pupils caught reading!



Thank you to Ms Arnett!

A massive thank you to Ms Arnett for all her hard work over the last few months in the English department! Best of luck from all of us and thank you for this beautiful department coat of arms!!!! Can anyone guess where each member of staff is represented on the illustration?! We LOVE it!!!!



Drop Everything and Read!

Something exciting is coming your way!

June 12th

All staff and pupils bring in book of choice & wait for the secret announcement to Drop Everything and Read! Be ready!