An approach to Persuasive Writing

  A Whole Class Topic to Model the Skills 

  • Note-taking from a documentary
  • (Whole class/small groups) Choose a current issue and provide the pupils with  resources: broadsheet articles, TV documentaries, radio clips and appropriate tasks. research, write and discuss in groups for practice.

  • Focus on Skills: Language and Structure  
  • Examine how writers/speakers shape their arguments; manipulate statistics; exploit structure/punctuation; use language to influence and create rapport.
  • Logos (logic/structure), Ethos (appeals to shared values/tone/rapport) and Pathos (emotive word choice, imagery and structures).
  •  3 minute speech for a debate  or write a short persuasive article on the topic you have studied as a class.


Self-Assessment and Selection of Own Topic

  1. Transfer skills to choose own topic.
  2. Exemplification of the Standard + SQA criteria
  3. Independent Research
  4. Pupils collect a range of articles, documentaries and sources on their chosen topic and to print these off for highlighting .
  5. Record sources as they research: this makes the addition of bibliography and footnotes to the SQA final draft much easier.
  6. Writing Stage/Success Criteria
  7. Pupils produce a first draft in class over two lessons under supervision with access only to highlighted articles, pages of notes and a plan. This process deters plagiarism.
  8. Feedback/Folio redrafting/Writing Assessment
  9. In accordance with SQA guidelines: folios cannot be micro-marked. Tick list (Success Criteria) sheet is used, pupils must re-draft without: detailed feedback/comments on how to rephrase/spelling or grammar fixed. This is a requirement by the SQA!!!!