Persuasive Writing: Success Criteria

Success criteria includes:

  1. An appropriate title reflects the concerns of the text; the candidate fulfils the remit to persuade by adopting a strong stance in relation to the topic
  2. The candidate’s research is documented in a full and accurate Bibliography; when quoting extensively from one source, the candidate acknowledges this in footnotes
  3. The candidate has used sources responsibly, synthesising, selecting and using their own words; the work is demonstrably their own
  4. The piece is of the required length and complexity; the candidate has given thought to its shape, structure and presentation
  5. The candidate displays a clear sense of the intended impact upon a reader and attempts to employ language to this effect: flattery; ‘them and us’ tone; rapport through anecdote; emotive word choice; astute selection of statistics and examples
  6. The candidate employs a good range of rhetorical structures including, perhaps, listing, repetition, rhetorical question, the power of three…
  7. Meaning is communicated upon a first reading; the piece is technically accurate