Solution Oriented Approaches

Solution Oriented Approaches are strengths based and focus on identifying and using strengths to reach goals and overcome challenges. There is an emphasis on the importance of language and how we speak and listen to children and young people; acknowledging that children/young people can be and should be included in finding their own solutions. Through conversation and discussion children/ young people and their families are supported by professionals to recognise resources and skills and how these contribute and assist in achieving their goals.

A broad range of Solution Oriented Approaches have been implemented widely across Glasgow schools. Solution Oriented Approaches are implemented at different levels of practice (individual child/family, school/ establishment, local authority) and aim to support a range of professionals to ensure children and young people reach their full potential. Solution Oriented Approaches implemented in Glasgow schools include the following:

      • Solution Oriented planning meetings
      • Solution Circles
      • Solution Oriented individual conversations with children and young people
      • Working on What Works (WOWW)

The flowchart below may help you explore the most appropriate solution-oriented interventions based on the needs of children, young people and staff within your establishment. Please click on the hyperlinks within this document should you want more information on each approach.

SOA flowchart for establishments

The following resources will also support the implementation of solution Oriented Approaches:

SOA principles Infograph 

SOA crib sheet

Solution Oriented meeting visual

WOWW Infograph

SOA Individual Conversations Infograph

SOA CLG Miracle Question Infographic

Solution circles infographic