Universal Response’ to Change, Loss, Bereavement and Trauma in times of COVID

The urgent nature of the global response to COVID-19 brought rapid change to family, school and work life. As initial restrictions begin to be lifted, considerable uncertainty continues, with the ‘after lockdown’ phase bringing new changes to adapt to. This resource provides an opportunity for us to consider the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and associated protection measures, upon ourselves, children and young people. The session content is based on sound research regarding what children need to help us, and them, adapt and grow stronger during these uncertain and difficult times.

The session aims to provide staff with the materials that will allow them to start addressing their own needs in response to loss, grief and trauma and then provide support to the pupils in their care.

200521 COVID-19-Universal Pupils-Workshop

200603 Covid- Universal Staff-Presentation


We have also created a series of infographics designed to give a brief overview of different types of grief, information on coping with loss in a crisis and signposting to further help.

The infographics include:

Thinking about grief- anticipatory grief

Thinking about grief – complicated grief

Thinking about grief -Coping with loss during a crisis

Thinking about grief – disenfranchised grief

Thinking about grief – Where to get help

These should be viewed as a unit, with the first few providing information to support understanding and the last two providing information on supports.