Thinking of becoming an educational psychologist

In collaboration with the trainee Educational Psychologists (EPs) who are linked with the service, here is a summary of some of the key information to consider when going through the process of applying to be on the training course.

In terms of the role of a Psychological Service, the 5 core functions remain as defined in the SEED Review of Provision of Educational Psychology Services in Scotland (Currie Report, 2002) as: consultation, assessment, intervention, training and research.

Review of provision of educational psychology services in Scotland (Currie Report 2002)

More information on the role of an educational psychologist in Scotland can be found on the BPS website.

It will be useful to be aware of current legislation and developments in Education that are relevant to the EP role.

Key documents include:


The Scottish Government report from April 2019 on the future of Educational Psychology services will also be a really helpful resource:

Making a difference to excellence and equity for all: The future of educational psychology services in Scotland for all. (April 2019)


The best source for information around the course itself, and the processes involved in becoming an EP is on Dundee’s website:

If you are still looking for further information please get in touch with one of our offices, and either one of our qualified EPs or one of the trainee EPs who work with the service will get back to you.