Restorative Approaches

Restorative Approaches encompasses a whole-community ethos, which works to promote and maintain positive relationships and resolve ‘emotional harm’ between two or more individuals. It allows all parties to be listened to, reflect on all views expressed, and arrive at a collective and agreed solution to resolve the emotional harm and move on.


WHAT IS IT?                               

Glasgow’s Restorative Approaches Framework   (GRAF) has been created to support the implementation of Restorative Approaches within a whole-establishment setting. It is a supportive assessment process which is validated with the support of a peer. It builds upon and amalgamates the Readiness Pack and Glasgow Restorative Approaches Implementation Tool (GRAIT), which have both been piloted and used for a number of years by establishments across the City. Restorative Approaches complement Glasgow City Council’s vision of ‘Towards the Nurturing City’ and inclusion policy ‘Every Child is Supported and Included’. It is also recommended practice in national guidance e.g. ‘Included, Engaged and Involved Part 2’, (2017), and has a clear and consistent evidence base within education settings.


Glasgow’s Restorative Approaches Framework (GRAF) can be used by all sectors; early years establishments, primary schools, secondary schools and additional support needs provisions. However, adaptation for age and developmental profile may be required.


Implementation of Restorative Approaches is a whole establishment commitment to ensure greatest impact and sustainability.  The projected timescale is 3-5 years to fully embed RA, however validation can be awarded to an establishment once they feel they can demonstrate they have met the criteria outlined in the GRAF.

Restorative Approaches Support & Development Group

Look out for our Restorative Approaches Support & Development Group on CPD manager. Each year we run the groups in the North East, North West and South areas of Glasgow. They are an ideal way to get peer support with implementing Restorative Approaches in your establishment and are suitable for staff from all sectors. The content of sessions are based on a needs analysis which ensures your CLPL needs are met.  To get the best out of this professional learning opportunity, you are expected to attend all the sessions ideally with another member of your staff. More information can be found in the Restorative approaches leaflet:

RA Leaflet 2020

This infograph provides an introduction to Restorative Approaches, the benefits and evidence base. It also outlines the support offered to schools by Glasgow Psychological Service:

RA Infographic

Get started with Restorative Approaches by using the five key questions with pupils:

5 Key Questions GPS infograph

A summary of  Career Long Professional Learning resources about Restorative Approaches:

Restorative Approaches Flowchart 10.06.20