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Online Safety: Parents Information Session with Police Scotland

Monday 27th July, 930 -1100


During this event Education Scotland and Police Scotland’s Cybercrime Harm Prevention Team will provide key tips to keep your child safe online, along with guidance on what to do if things go wrong eg cyber bullying, accessing inappropriate content and sending self-generated images. We will also share information on courses that are available to upskill yourself, and your child, through the Cisco Digital Skills Training programme.


Sign up for the event at Eventbrite here.

Wakelet: You asked, we listened!

The responses from many of our webinar evaluation forms told us that practitioners would like to know more about Wakelet, to learn how to effectively save and organise content and learning materials all together in the one place. This interactive PDF file will help you to get started.

We would love to hear how you get on in the future when using Wakelet and welcome you to ‘get involved’ and share a digital learning blog post with the wider community, right here on DigiLearn.Scot!

Green Screen Learning and Teaching. You asked, we listened!

The responses from many of our webinar evaluation forms told us that practitioners would like to learn more about green screen technology and how this can be used to effectively enhance learning and engage learners.  We recently delivered a webinar ‘Evidencing Learning with iMovie’ and have collated a Green Screen Supporting Resources Wakelet, encompassing a collection of tutorials and ideas brought to you by the Digital Skills Team to take forward green screen technology with your learners.

We would love to hear how you get on in the future when using green screen technology to enhance learning and engage learners and welcome you to ‘get involved’ and share your digital learning blog posts with the wider community, right here on DigiLearn.Scot!

What is Wakelet?

Try it out Tuesday is back.

Starting from today, we are releasing a #tryitouttuesday health and wellbeing, digital challenge. Each challenge will have activity options to suit beginners, through to advanced and extended challenges. The challenges can be done at home and an array of supporting resource links are included in this Sway. A short video to explain the challenges and to encourage learners to take part will be released each fortnight from Tuesday 19th May. The Sway is a planning suggestion for teachers/practitioners.


Challenge 1
Tuesday 19th May 2020

Cyber Security Researcher

Challenge 2
Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Are you puffed out? Design a physical exercise algorithm – Computing Science Challenge (Robotics Engineer).

Challenge 3
Tuesday 16th June 2020

Can you hear it? Environmental sounds story – capture and create audio challenge. (Content Designer).

This Sway is a planning suggestion for teachers/practitioners full of resource links to support each challenge.

Term 4 Webinars

New Webinars May/June 2020

Based on feedback from our previous webinars, digilearnscot are delighted to be able to offer a new set of professional learning webinars.  Topics covered will include 

  • Early years professional learning with digital tools
  • Platform specific webinars
  • Computing science 
  • Cyber resilience and internet safety 
  • Delivery of content online 

Visit the upcoming webinars page for the schedule, or you can browse the calendar for future events.

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#WeAreDigiLearnScot – Your Community. Your Experiences. Your Stories

Hello future Guest Bloggers!

The DigiLearnScot site hosts a range of information and is an ideal place to find out about webinars, resources and support which is available.

We are now looking for stories to share on the site of how you are using digital technologies to support learning and teaching. These posts can be short and snappy, or can be longer and more in depth depending on the individual story and, whilst not essential, it would be ideal if the posts include pictures, screenshots or links to videos.

The posts will be categorised in a number of ways to make searching for relevant posts easy.  For example, local authority, sector, curriculum/subject area (if appropriate).  Posts will also be collected into a Guest Blog area of the site.

We are very keen to share the superb work happening across Scotland and will promote these posts, once they have been added to the blog.

To submit a post, ensuring all appropriate permissions are in place, please use this form:

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