Microbit Hot Potato Game Workshop – Follow Up #CSScotland23


Lorna Gibson from the Micro:Bit Education Foundation guided learners through a coding activity to turn you micro:bit into a (virtual!) hot potato!  This particular activity looks at using loops and variables to create a timer.  The recording of this session didn’t work very well, so here is an alternative instructional tutorial from Micro:bit.

Next steps and related activities can be found at the bottom of this post.

The Hot Potato Game Demo

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Video Instruction from Micro:Bit

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Acknowledgements: Videos on this page originally created and hosted at Hot potato game | micro:bit (microbit.org)

Next Steps

  • can you think of another use for the random timer? For example, you could try to code your micro:bit so that at some point during the school day it alerts you to get active – eg the message “Do 10 Star Jumps” could appear at random.  

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