Build an AI Smart Classroom Workshop – Follow Up #CSScotland23

Recap on session and resources

During this session, Brian explored machine learning using the website Learners were guided through one activity where learners trained a machine learning model to recognise different ways someone might ask for a light to be switched on/off or a fan to be switched on/off, tested this model and used the model to build a virtual smart classroom using Scratch.  

This activity is one of many available on the site.  The smart classroom activity can be found here The live lesson was based around the shorter version of the activity.

You may want to check out the Intro video first before following the lesson.


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Smart Classroom Walkthrough

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Next Steps

Once you have completed the smart classroom activity, you may want to 

  • add a new device (sprite) to the classroom like a television
    – give it an on and off costume
    – add 2 new buckets to the machine learning model to turn it on and off
    – add appropriate phrases
    – update the model
    – add new code to the Scratch program to operate the television
  • try the full version of the activity
  • explore the other beginner activities looking at text, images and numbers – you can use the filters to make sure you find beginner Scratch projects