Emotions can be difficult to support as sometimes the person does not always know what they are feeling. We use visuals to help with this.Instead of asking, “How are you feeling?”, try asking ” Can you show me how you are feeling?”

This can be edited to have more or less feelings as required. It is important to give the child, young person or adult a name for what they are feeling as that gives a sense of control and power over the emotion.  Talking about the emotion is helpful as it gives acknowledges that this is real and it is okay.

Using distractions can help to work through the emotion.

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    1. Mrs Young Post author

      We are still finishing them, but there are blank ones. The editable ones will be on boardmaker online once they are finished if that is of any help?

      1. Mrs Galfredi

        Hi! I’m doing well thanks and loving these resources. I can’t get the above link to work tho? It just says i don’t have permission to edit this item?


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