Moderation Cycle / Holistic assessments / range of evidence


Training materials

Below are examples of reading holistic assessments in reading at early, 2nd, 3rd and 4th level. These are of varying quality as they are designed to provoke discussion around whether they enable learners to demonstrate the key elements of:

  • breadth
  • challenge
  • application

Early level training examples – reading

training examples 2nd level – reading

3rd level training examples – reading

4th level training examples – reading

Below are more, locally produced, examples of holistic assessments in writing for all levels, early to fourth.

Holistic Assessment Examples Designed for Training Purposes by Argyll and Bute AMFs Writing

Here are 2 locally produced examples of holitic assessments in writing at early level along with the national moderation comments: Early writing nationally moderated example 2018


Holistic Assessment reading examples level 2

QAMSO writing example 2017 EARLY

Holistic Assessment writing example QAMSO FIRST LEVEL

Holistic writing assessment example QAMSO SECOND LEVEL

Holistic Writing Assessment Example QAMSO THIRD LEVEL

Holistic Writing Assessment example QAMSO 4TH LEVEL


The Benchmarks laid out from early to 3rd level with highlighted progressions may be useful:

Writing early to 3rd

Reading early to 3rd

Listening Talking early to 3rd

Reading: Early

Early Reading Evidence

Annotated evidence

Feedback given

Assessment details