The early acquisition of literacy: Argyll and Bute guidance

During the session 2017-2018 the guidance document The early acquisition of literacy in P1 was piloted with 1 1 schools. The document has been redrafted as a result of this pilot and the guidance is now live for all schools across the authority.  The guidance is designed to offer a series of principles that should be followed throughout the P1 year. The document can be used in conjunction with any existing resources. Its aim is to introduce consistency of approach across Argyll and Bute, ensuring that children’s need to develop key foundations for literacy are embedded throughout the P1 year and beyond.

The document can be found here:

The early acquisition of literacy in P1

The document is supported by a Teacher’s Toolkit which takes each aspect of the guidance and offers ideas for implementation, planning and tracking and monitoring. Elements of the toolkit can be found under the appropriate drop down menus within this site. However the full document can be found here:

Argyll & Bute P1 Teachers’ Toolkit

The version above is only the most recent version and will not be in its finished form, particularly towards the end. This should be fully populated by the end of September 2018 although it will continue to be added to on a regular basis.

The Northern Alliance early level progression framework, which includes hyperlnks to supporting classroom activities can be found here.

The interim report of the literacy pilot, with statistics and evidence of impact can be found here:

Interim report on P1 Literacy pilot

A final report will be produced in autumn 2018.

The presentation from the August 2018 P1 in-service day can be found here: