Terry Pratchett day and new resources

This Friday, Puffin Live are celebrating Terry Pratchett day in celebration of the weird and wonderful worlds that have encouraged so many older primary and secondary pupils to read. Puffin Live have a show about Tiffany Aching and the wee free men hosted by CBBC’s Ed Petrie and they also have free teaching resources designed for P6/7 to encoourage pupils to create their own magical fantasy lands at this link: http://puffinvirtuallylive.co.uk/WFMTeacher%20Resources_final.pdf


On the Money – interdisciplinary approach to numeracy and literacy published

Standard Life, the Scottish Book Trust and Education Scotland have collaborated to produce a series of short stories for use in primary schools, aimed at helping young people changing the way they think about money.

Follow this link for the stories and associated resources: https://education.gov.scot/improvement/Pages/fined1-on-the-money.aspx?dm_t=0,0,0,0,0


Welcome to ABLE 2

Welcome to Argyll and Bute’s literacy webpage. By following the links above you can navigate to the section of the page wich is most helpful for you, whether you’re a member of staff, a learner of any ability or age or a parent or carer. We will be gathering resources and populating the website over the next few months but if there’s something literacy related you’d like to see on here then please make a suggestion.