Watch this 11 year old talk about why reading is so important to her.

If you’re not certain what to read, here’s some reading ideas which might help:

Here are the top 100 books to read before you leave primary, according to teachers have book ideas for all ages

Why not take part in a summer reading challenge with The Reading Agency?

Love Roald Dahl? Here are loads of Roald Dahl activities for you.



Literacy Games help you sharpen your skills

Games you can try

Top Marks punctuation and grammar games

Construct a word                                Spelling – words which sound the same

Create your own story                      Comprehension practice

Basic Writing Skills

See if these presentations can help you become more confident:

Full Stops                                                      Capital Letters

Apostrophes                                                 Paragraphs

Speech Marks                                               Commas

Semi-colons                                                   Colons

You can use Grammar Practice Park to check your skills:


Things to help you write your own stories

Create your own adventures!

Random first line generator

Advice on what makes a good story

Staff Development – Listening

Listening and talking guidance

Competitions for kids

Radio 2’s 500 Words runs every year in January:

The Scottish Book Trust has lists of up to date competitions you can enter:

They run a 50 word fiction competition every month on a different them and with prizes – you can access this at

You can also find great competitions at