Early level

For P1 advice on the early acquisition of literacy and the Northern Alliance’s approach to emerging literacy, please see the drop down menu: early acquisition of literacy


There is lots of advice and a range of resources relating to ELC on Argyll and Bute’s SALi page: https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/ab/sali/category/professional-development/early-years-home/

You can download the ELC Tracker which should be used to keep a record of children’s progress: ELC Literacy Tracker

As a summary, this document outlines best practice in early level literacy: Early-Level-Literacy

Closing the vocabulary gap

Education Scotland have produced this overview about deveoping a vocabulary rich curriculum in P1-P3: https://education.gov.scot/improvement/Pages/sac58-how-can-schools-develop-a-literacy-rich-curriculum-in-p1-3-to-help-to-close-the-vocabulary-gap.aspx

To support this is this resource for reflection on how vocabulary aquisition is supported in your context:

Supporting young children’s vocabulary

Save the Children England have produced a document, Ready to Read, to support closing the gap in early language skills.

The Care Inspectorate’s document, Getting Ready to Read is very helpful.

Supporting BookBug

The BookBug Explorer bag handbook offers support on how you can help parents to make the most of their BookBug gifts: http://scottishbooktrust.com/files/pirate_explorer_website.pdf


Education Scotland’s creativity posters can be downloaded here

Primary 1