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Consolarium Code Club: Introduction to Scratch 2.0

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Listen to LearnCAT Introduction to Scratch 2.0 Listen to what the Introduction to Scratch 2.0 Learning Experience is all about

Wreck it Ralph in Scratch 2.0
Game like Wreck it Ralph can be made using Scratch 2.0

Now, we all know that playing computer games is very popular with young people. Maybe you enjoy playing them yourself? If you decide to join the Consolarium Code Club you will begin an exciting journey where you make the step up from just playing computer games to learning how to create your own using an application called Scratch 2.0! Maybe lurking in your imagination is the idea for a game that might become the next world wide smash!

This learning experience is slightly different because it is not being led by educators but by the learners from P.7 at Newburgh PS in Fife. Join with them and get coding!


  • use the drawing tools to design the characters for your game
  • use the tools to animate your characters and bring them to life
  • create scripts that can control the movement of your characters
  • look at other learners scripts and modify (mod) these
  • share your work and be a support for other learners in the Consolarium Code Club

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  • each other
  • other learners in the Consolarium Code Club across Scotland
  • the team from P.7 at Newburgh PS
  • educators across Scotland

Educators can find out more about our Introduction to Scratch 2.0 learning opportunity here.

LearnCAT Email the LearnCat to sign up for Consolarium Code Club: Introduction to Scratch


  • If you are a learner, you can sign up for yourself. Please include your Glow username
  • If you are a teacher or other educator, you can sign up on behalf of a group of learners. Please include a list of Glow usernames
  • Email learncat@educationscotland.gov.uk for any enquiries.
  • A Glow Login is required for your submissions.  If you have forgotten it or don’t have one click here.