Collection of the week – ‘All the Seas’ – Tania Kovats

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All the Seas Listen to what the Collection of the Week- ‘All the Seas’ by Tania Kovats is all about

Do you live by the sea? Go on holiday by or know someone who lives or works by the sea or ocean?  Tania Kovats is a British artist and she is inviting you, and a global network of people to take part in an artwork by collecting water from the sea or ocean and sending it to The Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh.  The artwork will be called ‘All the Seas’ and will be part of a major exhibition of Tania Kovats work called Oceans which opens in March 2014 at The Fruitmarket Gallery. The names of all the people who have collected water will be included in the artwork to acknowledge their involvement. Share your photographs and stories about collecting water from a sea or ocean and help to tell the story of the artwork.

Email LearnCat if you wish to take part in this collaborative artwork and you will be sent a special label to attach to your bottle of water to show that you learned about Tania Kovats through Glow with The Fruitmarket Gallery.

Social Studieslearn to ...expressive arts

  • Use different types of maps to locate key features
  • Respond to the work of artists by discussing thoughts and feelings
  • Create text

Expressive arts

  • Learners across Scotland
  • Tania Kovats
  • Caitlin Page, Learning Programme Manager
  • The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh

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