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Summary of Learning – Term 2


We are learning to tell the time to o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to.  We will also be looking at daily routines and will be learning to calculate time durations.  During the second half of the term, we will be learning about money.  We will look at identifying coins/notes and their values and we will learn how to give change through our ‘toy shop’.  Throughout term 2, we will also continue to work on addition and subtraction using lots of different problem solving strategies.


Every morning  for 30 minutes, the children will read in small groups with one adult.  Over the course of a week, the children will read a variety of books and practise spelling words. Children will also have the opportunity to read for pleasure in the classroom.  This term we are focusing on procedural writing skills.  We will be writing and following various instructions and recipes and can’t wait to share these with you on Seesaw!


Our topic this term is toys!  We will be discussing and describing our favourite toys, investigating toys from different eras and then comparing them with the toys we play with today.  We would love to hear what type of toys you or your grandparents played with! Are they the same or different?  We will be creating our own toy museum and will design and build our own toys from recyclable materials which will tie in with our next topic – the environment.  Children will also be conducting their own experiments in science, looking specifically at the forces ‘push’ and ‘pull’.

P.E. Days

Our PE day is a Friday morning – as PE is outdoors please make sure children wear a warm, waterproof jacket to school.  Children should not wear jewellery for safety.


Homework is posted on Seesaw on a Monday. There will be 1x literacy, 1x numeracy and 1x health & wellbeing task posted.  These should be completed throughout the week.

Dates to remember

Thursday 19th November – Sponsored walk (around school grounds) and dress down day

Friday 11th December – Christmas lunch and dress up/down day

Date TBC – Christmas class party

Tuesday 22nd December – School closes at 2.30pm

Wednesday 6th January – School returns at 9am


Achievements and celebrations

Each week, children who go above and beyond will be celebrated through our ‘Worker of the Week’ and ‘Pupil of the Week’.  Chosen children will enjoy extra iPad time on a Friday afternoon.

Children’s achievements are also celebrated in class throughout the week using certificates and class rewards.