Doorway Speller

Practise spelling using the well proven method,
“Look, Say, Write and Check”  Enter text using your keyboard or the on screen keyboard.


First Blends

Practise spelling short words containing blends, such as ‘br’ and digraphs, such as ‘ai’.
There are 60 words to choose from, each with its own  image and speech support.


First Sounds

Identify the first sounds in words. See and hear the word before attempting to pick the starting sound using the keyboard.


First Words       


Practise spelling simple words.  Look at the image and listen to the word being said before spelling using your keyboard or on screen keyboard.


Letter and Number Formation  

For learners starting to write letters and numbers.


Spelling and Grammar Activities
P4 – P7


A variety of games for ages 7-11.
Nouns, verbs, adjectives and more!


Punctuation P4 – P7


Games on compound words, apostrophes, contractions and sentence grammar.



Writing P4 – P7




Writing activities.

Stories P4-P7



Lots of ideas to help with writing your own stories!


Reading P4 -P7



A variety of reading activities.


Poetry P4 – P7



Answer questions about a poem.