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Health Week Comes to a Sporty End

DSC00317DSC00314The boys and girls took part in a Relax Kids session with Vicky Mulholland today.  The children learned about some techniques which they can use to keep themselves calm and relaxed when they may feel stressed, or just need some time to chill out.






Our week finished with our annual Sports Day which saw Libo win first place!  The children took part in a carousel of activities and competed in relay races at the end.  A great way to top off a wonderful week!

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Uplawmoor Pupils are learning about ‘You and Flu’

As part of the Health and Wellbeing programme across the school we have been working on the ‘You and Flu’ programme from NHS Scotland with Miss Bradley.   In primary 1 to 3 pupils have been learning about how easily flu germs can spread and the importance of hand washing to prevent this. The made a ‘Hand Washing Pledge’ which is now on display in their classrooms.






In primary 4/5 pupils have been comparing the symptoms of cold and flu and can explain the main differences between them. Our Primary 6/7 pupils have been learning all about the flu immunisation and have been researching both the arguments in favour of the flu immunisation and those against and will use their findings to contribute to a debate on the following statement ‘The more people who are immunised against flu, the less likely everyone is to get flu.’

Health Week Comes to a Sporty End

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We have had an energetic week this week and we have all had the opportunity to try out a variety of sports.  Yesterday we played golf at Caldwell and took part in some Curling in the hall.  Tesco came to see us in the afternoon and kindly brought some exotic fruits for us to taste.

We would all like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Crawford for organising such a fantastic week for the staff and children.  Also, a huge thank you to all the experts who came to our school (or allowed us to come to them).

Health Week Activities


As part of our Health Week, Mrs Crawford taught every pupil how to make delicious milkshakes.

We each combined some different fruits, milk and ice cream to make a yummy milkshake!   By Megan-Jane P5  and Max Wengel P4

Transport Police

We had a serious talk from the transport police on Tuesday.  First we were introduced to the transport policemen and the two ladies from Scotrail.

One of the ladies showed us a clip about ‘dangers on the track’ and the other lady showed us a clip about what could happen to you if you don’t follow the rules when getting on a train.

One of the policemen put up some posters which encouraged children to be safe at train stations and we discussed these in pairs. It was a very interesting visit and we now know how to keep safe when we are travelling by train.

By Matthew and Cameron P4

Wee G Bus

We all had fun on the ‘Wee G’ bus this week.  Brian, the driver, showed us a video about internet safety and we were asked some questions. 

After the video we played some games including air hockey, Just Dance, Fifa 14 and Sonic. We hope to get on the Wee G bus again!  By Dean and Amy P5

Uplawmoor Hotel

All of the pupils were lucky enough to take a trip to the Uplawmoor Hotel to watch Chef Alan and his helper Elaine,  make fruit smoothies, wraps and a huge fruit salad.  Mrs Crawford gave us some tips to stop the filling from falling out when making a savoury wrap and Alan helped us to chop up fruit for our fruity delights.  We had so much fun!

A Day in the Life of a Farmer

Mr John McLeod kindly came to visit our school today to talk about dairy and meat farming.  The children learned  about how dairy cows are milked, how much milk they produce and what happens to the milk.

Mr McLeod also told us about cows which are bred for meat and explained how his farm land is maintained.

Eco Schools

We were recently visited by Mrs Anne Black of the Keep Scotland Beautiful Eco School’s Team.   Mrs Black came to assess whether or not we should keep our Green Flag status.  The day was led by member of our Eco-Committe, two representatives of our Garden Committte and one of our JRSOs.  They had a very informative presentation, a tour of the school and school grounds and answered questions about our Eco Action Plan.  Mrs Black was very impressed by all of the pupils she had spoken to and commented that she was made to feel very welcome by everyone at Uplawmoor.

We are thrilled to hear that we are indeed an Eco Friendly school and that our shabby flag willl be replaced by a new one.  Well done everybody!  What a fantastic achievement!

Watch out! We’re BRIGHT!

Uplawmoor’s JRSO had a very successful ‘Be Bright Day’ today.  All the children and staff had great fun learning about how we can keep ourselves safe on the roads.  The JRSO organised a rotation of activites which included interactive games in the learning lounge, games and activities in Room4, a very informative powerpoint presentation and ‘road safety corners’ in the gym hall.

We started with a parade to show off our bright clothes and hair (there were even traffic light faces from Megan and Shannon!)   After our activities, we performed our road safety raps to the whole school.  They were sung in the style of a Christmas Song with a clear message of how to stay safe. 

Thank you for planning and leading such a fun filled day!  We are so lucky to have such creative and organised JRSO members.   (Also, a big well done to Katie for stepping in at the last minute as Declan was unwell).

The Pupils of Uplawmoor


Hockey Festival

Primary 5 pupils Amy, Emma, Emily, Megan-Jane, Lauren and Dean had a super time at the Hockey Festival at Eastwood High School on Monday.

“We were put into teams and some of us were split up.  I didn’t know anyone in my team so I quickly made new friends from Mearns Primary and Neilston.  They were called Evie, Holly, Lucy and Jodie.”     Lauren

“We played hockey games and it was hard to get the ball because  everybody went for it at the same time!   The ball was like a bigger version of  a golf ball.  It was hard and coloured yellow, orange and white.”   Emma

“The weather was sunny but really cold!  It didn’t rain but the hockey pitch was wet so when we sat down to listen to instructions we got wet bottoms!”   Dean

“There were 6 courses.  There were team games, hurdles, dribbling and passing the ball.”   Amy

“We spent 10 or 15 minutes at each course and we had time to spare so we manage to squeeze in one more course.  I did the hurdles!”   Megan

“There were 9 teams and we all had a different coloured vest.  I had a green vest and I already knew a girl from gymnastics in my team. Her name is Lauren.”  Emily

Flu Jag

Some of the children in Uplawmoor Primary received the flu immunisation today.  It wasn’t a needle, it was a spray I had to put up my nose!  I took the capsule off and put it to my nostril.  I held my head back and pushed the plunger back.  I then had to do it in my other nostril.  It felt really weird but I’m glad I did it and I think it’s worked!

By Rob P6