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Spring Tea Event

The talented boys and girls of Uplawmoor Primary School entertained friends and family of Uplawmoor today at our Easter Spring Tea event. The audience were entertained with singing, dancing, acting, music and even a comedy show!

A big congratulations to Cayla, Mrs Sanders and Arrah who all won our Bake-Off competition.  The standard was extremely high and everybody thoroughly enjoyed the delicious cakes, biscuits, loaves and cupcakes!  Also, well done to Megan-Jane who won our online Easter Egg hunt.

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Thank you to everybody who came along and thank you to each and every person who took the time and effort to bake for the event.

We will be at the church at 1.30pm (school closes at 2.30pm).

All the pupils and staff of Uplawmoor Primary would all like to wish you a Happy Easter!



Easter Eggstravaganza!

The boys and girls had eggcellent fun yesterday during our Easter afternoon.  Children had the opportunity to visit each class to see their egg creations and read all about their eggy adventures.

The children showed great imagination and creativity and parents, staff  and pupils had fun reading stories such as,  The Egg FactorEggy and Furious, The Talented EggNovak Eggovic goes to the Jungle and  Eggy Weggy on a Beachy Weachy.  The children participated in a treasure hunt in their houses and were rewarded with a creme egg!

“I enjoyed every bit of it, especially when everyone got an egg!” Dylan P4

“We had an eggciting adventure seeing all the other eggs and doing our hunt!”  Megan-Jane P5

“It was an eggstrordinary and eggciting day!”  Lauren P5

“I enjoyed every bit especially when you had to go outside and look for the postcards and tick off your sheet” Ashley P4

The winers from each stage were:

P1 Michael Rogers

P2 McKenzie Black

P3 Toni Kee

P4 Adam Pollok

P5 Lauren Sanders

P6 Shannon Walsh

P7  Jason Robb



Easter Eggstravaganza

 The pupils are busy creating their characters for our Easter Eggstravaganza this week.The children have been writing adventure stories, diaries and and character profiles to go along with their eggs which will be displayed on Thursday afternoon from 1.45pm.        

Everyone is welcome to come along on Thursday to have a look at what the pupils have been doing!  You are also welcome to have a refreshment during the Easter Treasure Hunt…  (I wonder if it will be snowing like it was last year?)