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Friday Masterclasses get off to an Expert Start!

The boys and girls had their first taste of technologies, textiles and cooking masterclasses on Friday.   The Primary 6/7s are sewing coasters, Primary 4/5 started cooking with making a Greek Salad and Primary 1-3 are learning to work with wood and will be making pencil holders.

The children will rotate each fortnight to experience each masterclass.

House Challenge

IMG_9169IMG_9174The children worked in their houses to complete a technologies and art & design challenge.  The upper school had to create a 50cm scaffold out of straws and the lower school were set a task to create a spring mural.  The boys and girls worked collaboratively to come up with some wonderful designs.  Well done!


P1-3 Visit the Transport Museum

museum 1museum 2museum 3museum 4museumTransport











As part of their topic, Primary 1, 2 and 3 had fun dressing up as scientists and engineers and took a walk around the museum looking at different modes of transport.  The children had to decide if they were horse, wind, electric or steam powered.  They were allowed to sit in an old-fashioned tram and take a trip on the old style subway.

To top it all off, they had the chance to design their own mode of transport!

House Sleigh Challenge

WinnersThe boys and girls were challenged to build a sleigh for Santa out of junk modelling.  Each house had 2 bags of recycled objects and a box of crafts to make the most creative vehicle for Santa to travel in.

The children worked collaboratively and created four absolutely stunning sleighs.    The winning house was Libo with 46 points out of a possible 50 for their ‘Rudolph Roller’ design (and a big well done to Ollie and Zoe who played Donner and Blitzen sprinkling reindeer dust en route).    Well done to everybody involved!


Uplawmoor In Lego

In technologies,  P4/5 have been learning about the village of Uplawmoor. We enjoyed creating Lego models of houses and landmarks such as the hotel, church and school.  We learned about all of the important places in Uplawmoor and built a mini version of the village out of Lego.

I enjoyed making houses and buildings out of Lego. Arrah  P5

I learned about the different landmarks that are in Uplawmoor.  Rian  P5






By Rian, Carly, Arrah and Catherine.

Knex Challenge P6

Josh and Lauren worked hard to win each of our class heats to go forward to the final of the Knex Challenge at Eastwood High School.  They had to work together to come up with a design for a truck with at least 3 wheels to carry various fruit.

knx knx2knx sketch

Josh and Lauren came 4th out of 13 teams with a score of 19 out of a possible 21 points.

Well done to both of you.  You did your school proud!

Easter Eggstravaganza!

The boys and girls had eggcellent fun yesterday during our Easter afternoon.  Children had the opportunity to visit each class to see their egg creations and read all about their eggy adventures.

The children showed great imagination and creativity and parents, staff  and pupils had fun reading stories such as,  The Egg FactorEggy and Furious, The Talented EggNovak Eggovic goes to the Jungle and  Eggy Weggy on a Beachy Weachy.  The children participated in a treasure hunt in their houses and were rewarded with a creme egg!

“I enjoyed every bit of it, especially when everyone got an egg!” Dylan P4

“We had an eggciting adventure seeing all the other eggs and doing our hunt!”  Megan-Jane P5

“It was an eggstrordinary and eggciting day!”  Lauren P5

“I enjoyed every bit especially when you had to go outside and look for the postcards and tick off your sheet” Ashley P4

The winers from each stage were:

P1 Michael Rogers

P2 McKenzie Black

P3 Toni Kee

P4 Adam Pollok

P5 Lauren Sanders

P6 Shannon Walsh

P7  Jason Robb



Easter Eggstravaganza

 The pupils are busy creating their characters for our Easter Eggstravaganza this week.The children have been writing adventure stories, diaries and and character profiles to go along with their eggs which will be displayed on Thursday afternoon from 1.45pm.        

Everyone is welcome to come along on Thursday to have a look at what the pupils have been doing!  You are also welcome to have a refreshment during the Easter Treasure Hunt…  (I wonder if it will be snowing like it was last year?)