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Gardening Committee Update



The gardening committee are clearing and preparing the beds for next year and they are looking very busy.

They are putting manure on the beds and in the future they will plant potatoes, onions, beans and leeks.

They will be selling them next year at the farmers market.

By Carly P5 carly


Help in the Garden

Our Constant Garden   by Annabelle Leitch      AL

Uplawmoor Primary School was fortunate to be chosen to participate in a garden project called ‘Constant Garden’.

A company called Rocket Gardens Limited, based in Cornwall gave an undertaking to supply our school with five deliveries of plants throughout the year.

To date, we have received a wonderful assortment of plants including, a selection of kale , carrots , spinach , onions , land cress , purslane (salad leaves) , lettuces ,peas ,potatoes , beetroot and Chinese cabbage (pak choi and tatsoi).

We received our first delivery of plants in October 2014. Most of these have survived our severe Uplawmoor winter. Our selection of Kales are particularly hardy , very tasty and are growing from strength to strength.

Our potatoes were planted several weeks ago in tyres and we received another delivery of plants 3 weeks ago.

We had to work furiously to get these ‘plug plants’ into pots and they are at present being stored in the polytunnel awaiting planting in our school garden.

As we expect to receive another two deliveries from Rocket Gardens before summer break, Josh has built two more raised beds to make additional space available for planting.

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Whole School Weed

The pupils, staff and parents of Uplawmoor Primary School got stuck into the weeding to ensure our grounds stay tidy and green!  Despite the rain, we all got our hands dirty (well, almost all of us) and dug up those nasty weeds.  The Gardening Committee will no doubt organise another whole school weed soon so watch this space. 

A big thank you to the parents who came along to help us!

By the Gardening Committee

SOLD! At The Farmer’s Market

The gardening committee were busy this morning preparing the vegetables and plants to be sold at the Farmer’s Market which took place today at the church.  They sold potatoes, runner beans, onions, parsley, cabbage, baby aloe vera plants, Christmas cactus and spider plants.

Dean, Josh, Abigale, McKenzie, Miss Dawson-Bowman and Mrs Waters all went to the church and sold almost everything!  The gardening committee made a grand total of £65 pounds which will be used to buy new gardening equipment, seeds, bulbs and plants for future gardening opporutnities.

Well done to the Gardening Committee!