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P6 Bikeability

What a lovely day for some cycling!  Despite the wind and rain the Primary 6s did a great job outside learning their safe starts and demonstrating their control round a challenging course.  Well done Primary 6.  No complaints about cold fingers and frozen toes (except from Mrs Tait!)

P6 Bikeability

bikes bikeability1and2Well done to Leon, Cameron, Matthew, Adam, Dylan, Max, Matthew Mary and Ashley who have all achieved their Level 1 Bikeability award.  They will now start to work on their ‘on the road’ cycling as Level 2 Bikeability training starts on Thursday!



Bikeability P6

bikeability1and2Primary 6 are invited to complete their Bikeability qualification Level 1 and Level 2.   The Bikeability trainer will be visiting the school on Wednesday 23rd March and will check everybody’s bikes and helmets.


If there are any problems with bikes and/or helmets these must be rectified before the level 1 training starts on Monday 18th April.

Level 1 Bikeability will be completed in the school playground during week beginning Monday 18th April.  The first session will take place on Monday at 2.15pm.  Please bring bikes and helmets on that day.  The next session will be Thursday at 1.35pm.

Level 2 Bikeability will start on Thursday 28th April which will be ‘on road’ training and helmets and bikes should be brought to school.  There will be weekly bikeability sessions which will take place every Thursday at 9.15am.  The final test will take place during the end of May/start of June.








Our Primary 6 pupils are working hard to gain their Bikeability qualification.  We have been out on the road with Keith, Callum, Mrs Tait and Miss Bradley to ensure we are riding safely and sensibly.   Our test is coming up soon so if you see us out on the road remember to give us lots of space!

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