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The Vikings Land in Uplawmoor!

dscn36171Primary 4/5 have been learning how different life was in Viking times to now. To see this first hand they went off to Vikingar to experience living in a Viking village. We all had a brilliant day cooking in the longhouse, playing Viking games and some of the children even got married! The class had written a script for a play that they hoped would share all their learning on this topic with their parents. 15 vicious Vikings took that stage at their Learning Assembly and gave a first class performance of their play. Next in the topic is some outdoor learning as the children built their own longhouses! We will keep you updated…..





P6/7 Become Victorian Pupils for the Morning

dsc00680 dsc00684 dsc00721 dsc00821 dsc00818 dsc00806 dsc00848 dsc00833 dsc00749 dsc00745As part of our social studies topic, we have been learning about the Victorians.  I loved learning about the jobs  Victorians did such as miners, mill workers and working in factories.  The working conditions were awful and the workers were treated very poorly.

We were lucky enough to visit Scotland Street Museum to experience what it was like to be a Victorian pupil.  Every time we were asked a question, we had to stand up and say the answer, then say ‘sir’ at the end.  Some children had to  wear a ‘dunce’ hat, which was used to ridicule children who got the wrong answer.  We also had to do handwriting with a quill dipped in ink.  Mine was a mess!!

By Adam Pollokadam

P1-3 Visit the Transport Museum

museum 1museum 2museum 3museum 4museumTransport











As part of their topic, Primary 1, 2 and 3 had fun dressing up as scientists and engineers and took a walk around the museum looking at different modes of transport.  The children had to decide if they were horse, wind, electric or steam powered.  They were allowed to sit in an old-fashioned tram and take a trip on the old style subway.

To top it all off, they had the chance to design their own mode of transport!

‘When My Granny Was Young’ P1-3

GrannyAs part of their topic, last month, Mikey’s gran and Lewis’s gran came in to talk to Primary 1,2 and 3 about what school time was like when they were younger.

“We have learned that when you got into trouble you got wacked with a belt!”  Heather, Zara and Eilidh.

“I enjoyed this topic, the whole entire thing!”  Eilidh P2


By Heather, Eilidh, Zara and Amygirls

VE Day

Primary 7 (and Annabelle in Primary 6) talked to the boys and girls today about VE day.  We learned that VE stands for Victory in Europe and today is the day we remember those who lost their lives and fought for our country during World War 2.    The boys and girls listened carefully and answered some questions.

We then observed a 2 minute silence.

DSCN1414 DSCN1416


Whole School Trip to Burns Birthplace Museum

The boys and girls of Uplawmoor enjoyed a trip to Alloway last Tuesday,  to visit the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum.

The extensive museum is set in 10 acres of beautiful countryside in Alloway and the site includes a collection of buildings and landmarks that are all connected to the poet’s life, including Burns’ Cottage where he was born in 1759, the Burns Monument and Brig O’ Doon, from his famous poem Tam O’ Shanter.

Look out for our very own young  Robert B….Black!

burns mary burns walk cemetry burns photo 1 photo 4 photo 3 Burns Arrah burns cam Max Burns Dean burns photo 2 burns ryan