P6/7 Become Victorian Pupils for the Morning

dsc00680 dsc00684 dsc00721 dsc00821 dsc00818 dsc00806 dsc00848 dsc00833 dsc00749 dsc00745As part of our social studies topic, we have been learning about the Victorians.  I loved learning about the jobs  Victorians did such as miners, mill workers and working in factories.  The working conditions were awful and the workers were treated very poorly.

We were lucky enough to visit Scotland Street Museum to experience what it was like to be a Victorian pupil.  Every time we were asked a question, we had to stand up and say the answer, then say ‘sir’ at the end.  Some children had to  wear a ‘dunce’ hat, which was used to ridicule children who got the wrong answer.  We also had to do handwriting with a quill dipped in ink.  Mine was a mess!!

By Adam Pollokadam