Hockey Festival

Primary 5 pupils Amy, Emma, Emily, Megan-Jane, Lauren and Dean had a super time at the Hockey Festival at Eastwood High School on Monday.

“We were put into teams and some of us were split up.  I didn’t know anyone in my team so I quickly made new friends from Mearns Primary and Neilston.  They were called Evie, Holly, Lucy and Jodie.”     Lauren

“We played hockey games and it was hard to get the ball because  everybody went for it at the same time!   The ball was like a bigger version of  a golf ball.  It was hard and coloured yellow, orange and white.”   Emma

“The weather was sunny but really cold!  It didn’t rain but the hockey pitch was wet so when we sat down to listen to instructions we got wet bottoms!”   Dean

“There were 6 courses.  There were team games, hurdles, dribbling and passing the ball.”   Amy

“We spent 10 or 15 minutes at each course and we had time to spare so we manage to squeeze in one more course.  I did the hurdles!”   Megan

“There were 9 teams and we all had a different coloured vest.  I had a green vest and I already knew a girl from gymnastics in my team. Her name is Lauren.”  Emily