Watch out! We’re BRIGHT!

Uplawmoor’s JRSO had a very successful ‘Be Bright Day’ today.  All the children and staff had great fun learning about how we can keep ourselves safe on the roads.  The JRSO organised a rotation of activites which included interactive games in the learning lounge, games and activities in Room4, a very informative powerpoint presentation and ‘road safety corners’ in the gym hall.

We started with a parade to show off our bright clothes and hair (there were even traffic light faces from Megan and Shannon!)   After our activities, we performed our road safety raps to the whole school.  They were sung in the style of a Christmas Song with a clear message of how to stay safe. 

Thank you for planning and leading such a fun filled day!  We are so lucky to have such creative and organised JRSO members.   (Also, a big well done to Katie for stepping in at the last minute as Declan was unwell).

The Pupils of Uplawmoor