Uplawmoor Pupils are learning about ‘You and Flu’

As part of the Health and Wellbeing programme across the school we have been working on the ‘You and Flu’ programme from NHS Scotland with Miss Bradley.   In primary 1 to 3 pupils have been learning about how easily flu germs can spread and the importance of hand washing to prevent this. The made a ‘Hand Washing Pledge’ which is now on display in their classrooms.






In primary 4/5 pupils have been comparing the symptoms of cold and flu and can explain the main differences between them. Our Primary 6/7 pupils have been learning all about the flu immunisation and have been researching both the arguments in favour of the flu immunisation and those against and will use their findings to contribute to a debate on the following statement ‘The more people who are immunised against flu, the less likely everyone is to get flu.’