Mark Making

The children have been busy enjoying exploring different ways of mark making inside the nursery and outside in the gardens. Mark making gives children the opportunity to express themselves and explore using a variety of tools and materials, while also supporting development of fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.  Furthermore, mark making allows children to develop their creativity and imagination, and communicate their feelings.

Here are a few photos to show you what the children have been doing:

Paper and Pens

“My butterflies are flying away in the sky.”

Paint and brush

“Do you like my stripes?”


“I like drawing outside with the chalk”

Large floor drawing

“I’m using lots of crayons to draw lots and lots of circles.”

Playdough stampers

“They look like little flowers.”

Car ramp tyre print

“My car is going down really fast.  I can see the paint.”


“It feels all sticky on my fingers.”

Rollerball painting

“The balls are mixing all the paint together.”


“I’m drawing an aeroplane.”

Feather writing

“This is quite tricky to hold the feather.”

Large painting

“Can you reach up to the top like me?”

Shaving Foam

“My hands are so messy.”

There are many more mark making ideas that you could try at home such as ice writing, mud painting, shadow drawing or crayon rubbings on different textures.

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