Wonderful Weaving!

We’ve been having lots of fun being creative and exploring how to use different materials to learn how to weave.  The children enjoyed choosing from a variety of colours and textures of ribbon, paper, card and wool.  Weaving is a fantastic activity for young children to try and offers many benefits such as developing fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, as well as developing concentration and providing a physical experience of the spatial concepts of over and under. It is also an ideal experience to help strengthen the muscles in both hands as the dominant and non-dominant hands are used at the same time.  Here are some of the different types of weaving that we tried:

Fence Weaving


“I like all the different colours of the ribbon.”





Table Top Weaving


“You need to go over and under and over and under all the way to the end.”



“I’m lifting the wool up so the ribbon can go under”




Paper Weaving


“This is quite tricky.”

Large Needle Weaving

“I need to push this through and catch it at the other side.”

Individual Loom Weaving


“I like the gold ribbon best.  It’s so shiny.”

Small Needle Weaving


“I’m getting good at this now.  I’m just going to pull the needle.”    

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