Remote Learning – Mazes and Maps

Using mazes and maps in play are fantastic ways for your child to learn and develop new numeracy and mathematics skills as they problem solve.

There are lots of inspiring and creative ways you and your child can make your maze from using tape, a straw and a pom pom to building one from lego.

Encouraging your child to lead you through a maze helps build their confidence in giving instructions using simple directions such as forward, backward, left and right.

Another way is for your child to describe which direction they are going to take as they navigate themselves or an object through a maze.

Using a blindfold adds an extra challenge as your child develops their listening skills and ability to follow your instructions.


You can also make your maze more competitive by timing who can navigate around it the quickest.  This helps your child learn more about time and gives them an opportunity to explore ways of recording how long it took. 

Creating and following a map can support your child in understanding and using symbols for directions, as they process how to route their way from A to B in play.  Why not take inspiration from a much loved children’s story or make your own map to go on a treasure hunt!!

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