Remote Learning – PE at home

At Glenwood we know how important it is to be active to keep our bodies healthy. There are lots of ways you can do this at home, here are some ideas you can try with items you may have in your house!  You will be learning how to control your body, how to move at different speeds, how to follow instructions and how to share and take turns.

We will post some more fun ways of being active next week so if you have any ideas to share with your friends please email or Tweet @GlenwoodFC  #Glenwoodlearningathome

Balloon Games


  • Keepy-uppies – How many times can you hit your balloon up high before it touches the ground? Can you hit the balloon with your hand, foot, elbow, knee, head, nose?
  • Tennis – Hit the ball back and forward across a line on the floor, string tied between two chairs or a sofa.
  • Waddle Walk – Put the balloon between your knees and see if you can walk to the other side of the room without it falling out!
  • Egg and Spoon Race – Can you walk with your balloon balanced on a large kitchen spoon?
  • Balloon Blowing – Lie on your tummy, can you army crawl and blow your balloon to the other side of the room? If that’s too easy you can add obstacles to go around!
  • Balloon Balance – Lie on your back with your feet in the air, can you balance the balloon on your feet?

Paper Fun

You will need a sheet of newspaper or a large piece of paper.

  • Lie the paper flat on the floor and lie on your tummy, can you blow it across the room?
  • Can you scrumple up the paper as small as you can? Squeeze it really tightly into your hand.
  • Can you throw the ball of paper into a bucket?
  • Carefully open your piece of paper up wide again, lie it flat on the floor and gently smooth out all the creases.
  • Put your piece of paper on your tummy. Can you run across the room and keep it on your tummy without holding on?

Ball Games

How many different balls can you find in your house? Try these out with balls of different sizes!

Throwing and catching

  • Throw the ball above your head and try to catch it.
  • Throw the ball to your adult/sibling and try to catch it. How many times can you catch it before it touches the floor?
  • Throw the ball into a bucket or washing basket
  • Throw the ball at a target


  • Football – kick the ball into the goal
  • Dribble the ball around obstacles


  • Bounce the ball and try to catch it.
  • Chalk or tape shapes on the ground and try to bounce the ball on top of them.


  • Sit with your legs stretched wide and roll the ball back and forward to each other.
  • Stand up with your legs wide apart, try to roll the ball through each other’s legs.
  • Cut a large hole in a cardboard box and try to roll balls inside.
  • Reuse some plastic bottles to play skittles.


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