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Recycled Art

The Eco group recycled an item that would usually be thrown in the bin.  The pencil shavings from sharpened pencils were gathered and then used to create a picture of a tree and a butterfly.

It was a very relaxing and fun activity to create something beautiful from rubbish that would have been thrown away. The boys were effective contributors using items to recycle and creating something new.

There will be a lot more exciting recycling projects happening over the next few weeks, with a Christmas theme.

John Muir Award

The 2018/19 John Muir Group enjoyed their first visit to Dean Castle & Country Park. Neal Lochrie, Countryside Development Officer, guided us through the park (amongst the Illuminight displays!) and we selected an area suitable for our conservation project.

The children even managed to do a spot of pond dipping and discovered snails, damselflies, dragonflies and beetles hiding at the bottom of the water.  Lots of teamwork from these effective contributors. Well done !