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Superhero and Princess Day

Today we raised money for cash for kids and came to school dressed up as a superhero or a princess some of the boys and girls even came in their pjs.

This morning we had a special visitor Shirley Husband who wrote the Harris McCoo books she read us the stories and even brought Harris to visit us. We listened well to the stories and danced with Harris. He then opened our new soft play and we were able to have a go. We really enjoyed the ball pool and the new plane soft play to rock on.

In the afternoon we made our own crowns and shields and the Daisies and Buebells joined us to have a fabby superhero afternoon. We had soft play, a dvd, dancing and some craft. We mixed with different friends and had a SUPER afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!


Daisies at Rebound

Levi made a half turn
Trying to get up to stand
Tuck jump
A brilliant star jump
Legs open to practise for star jump
Closed legs
Just after a tuck jump it was very hard to catch the right picture
Doing half turns together
Jessica being popped to standing from sit fase 1
Jessica popped to standing fase 2
True on the cylinder keeping balance right and left
True turning as she is jumping
True on hands and knees
True giving her own twist on hands and feet
Jumping on the bottom
Open and close with partner
Turning half turns with partner
One handed coming from sit to stand being popped
Levi doing tuck jump
Levi just after a very high tuck jump
Building up to sitting and standing popping in sit first

FAOL – Music – using actions and percussion

The Daisies have been learning a new song at music called ‘We’re Going Around The World’ as an introduction to their new theme. All pupils have enjoyed coming along to do music in our music room and being able to explore and play a variety of percussion instruments. We have been learning some key signs and actions for our song as well as playing the claves, castanets and clackers to accompany the tune. Hayden also enjoyed performing a solo for his class which we managed to get on video too.


Big Pedal Week

We enjoyed lots of active activities for Big Pedal Week this week. On Tuesday we went for a local walk, and tracked the number of steps we took using a fitbit.

On Friday we were all Confident Individuals when taking part in races with the Sunflowers class. We had to move around and under obstacles, crawl through tunnels, and follow the arrows to follow the course. We had lots of fun!


Big Pedal

We have been out in the playground running and on bikes this week. Today we are going to complete and course in the hall. We will have lots of fun and increase our daily step count. We have to ran, went under a parachute, threw a ball in a net, went in between cones, punched the punch bag and scored a goal to finish. We worked together with the Daisies class and raced each other around the course. We were confident individuals and successful learners as we were able to complete the course.