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Red Nose Day

Today was Red Nose Day. Some of the boys came in wearing red. We watched the YouTube video “put a nose on it” by Singing Hands. We went to the atrium with all the other infant classes and had a dance. We played Red Nose Day corners with the different Disney characters on the t-shirts and also had an nose and spoon race. The boys also tried on Red Nose Day glasses and a nose.

WBD – Author visit

We had a special visitor come into school today. Greta Yorke and her friend Moira came to Willowbank today to read Greta’s book “The Tartan Witch”. The whole school got to listen to Greta and Moira tell the story about the tartan witch. Greta had also organised some lovely activities related to the book for the children to do after listening to the story. The activities were : exploration of the characters from the book, creating our own tartan using special wooden blocks with different lines on them, a matching game and a potion station. Everyone really enjoyed listening to the story and were effective contributors when engaging with the activities.


FAOL- World Book Day

The Daisies were successful learners during World Book Day. We  participated in a book swap, and chose what books we would like.

We spent time in the sensory room and had great listening to different stories while relaxing in our pajamas and costumes.

We were confident individuals when taking part in our costume parade and enjoyed seeing everyone fantastic costumes and favourite books.

On Friday, we enjoyed a visit from author Greta Yorke who read ‘The Tartan Witch’. We were effective contributors and took part in lots of sensory activities linked to the story. The daisies especially enjoyed making a magic potion!!




Fairtrade Fortnight

We have been learning about Fairtrade this week. We had a Fairtrade assembly by the Snowdrops. We were confident individuals in making our own special Fairtrade delight for the Fairtrade Bake Off yesterday. We made cake pops with ‘rice krispies’ and made them look like sunflowers. The boys were fabulous at this. They waited their turn and listened to instructions. We even made extra so the we all could take one home.

AND WE WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was our whole school Fairtrade day. We went to the hall and played fairtrade corners and pass the banana.  We were also very lucky and had a fairtrade hunt. We had a huge surprise at the end when we met a monkey in our school sensory room. He danced with us. We had great fun.

Purple Day

We have been learning all about similarities and differences as part of our LGBT mini topic. We have been reading ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ and exploring what makes each of us special and unique.


We enjoyed being successful contributors and taking part in an LGBT showcase with the other primary classes to share our learning, then took part in lots of purple sensory and art activities too.


LGBT – Purple Friday

Today is Purple Friday. We are having whole school activities. This morning all the primary classes came together in the hall to share their learning and activities completed about their LGBT  book.  All classes also shared their song/jingle about family. Some classes shared a video and some classes performed it live. The Sunflowers had made rainbow pizzas and shared this. The Daisies shared  similarities and differences from their book Giraffe’s Can’t Dance. The Snowdrops performed their family jingle live with makaton signing. The Bluebells performed their song live. The Sungazers class has symbols to show the audience so we could participate too. The Stars showed a video of their song as some of their friends were on their outing. The Moonbeams had a board to share their learning and have used technology to complete their rainbow flag.


The secondary this morning completed the purple activities in the atrium. Some of the activities included sensory colour find with water beads and purple rice. This was a favourite. The Oak and Transition prepared a purple string art activity which looked amazing. The Sunflowers and Daisies made some purple lacing picture for their friends to enjoy.