Maths Week Begins!

P4 -7 got stuck into active learning for the start of this year’s Maths Week Scotland.  The theme for  2021 will be ‘Our World’. We will explore the importance of maths in understanding and responding to the climate emergency, as well as continuing to find the maths in the natural world around us. The theme links with our  commitment towards the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The children applied their STEM and HWB skills to make a  healthy and delicious plant-based cous cous recipe which helps reduce the impact on our planet’s resources (SDG 12, 13 & 15).  Using hygienic food practices, they had to read scales to measure ingredients and liquids, ensuring they had the right quantities.  They also had to apply their literacy and comprehension skills to understand and follow the steps required.

Everyone really enjoyed the taste and thought it was a great way to help munch your 5-A-Day.


If you would like to try the recipe at home, here is the link:




  • I can use the common units of measure, convert between related units of the metric system and carry out calculations when solving problems. MNU 2-11b
  • I can estimate how long or heavy an object is, or what amount it holds, using everyday things as a guide, then measure or weigh it using appropriate instruments and units. MNU 1-11a
  • I can use a range of simple food preparation techniques when working
    with food TCH 1-04a
  • I am developing dexterity, creativity and confidence when preparing and
    cooking food TCH 2-04a

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