One Planet Picnic

Portpatrick Primary held a One Planet Picnic in the sunshine today.  The theme is ‘Good For You, Good For The Planet‘. This year, we worked very hard on reducing our single use plastic waste and snacking in a more environmentally way.

The initiatives we undertook were:

  • We used ‘compostable’ spoons for our yogurts instead of single use plastic
  • We packaged our lunches in recyclable paper bags
  • Our fruit delivery came wrapped in biodegradable bags to maintain hygiene and reduce waste
  • Our milk was supplied with paper straws instead of plastic
  • Our pizza trays were also made from compostable material.

The children sorted our waste into three recycling tubs: food, paper and plastic, making sure there was no litter left behind.

The first, smallest bag on the left is plastic waste to be recycled, the second smallest bag is food waste to compost and the third larger bag is paper waste which we can also recycle. You can see from the photographs how little plastic and food waste there was compared to recyclable paper material.

Look at the different amounts







We then placed the waste into the correct bins to be processed by Dumfries and Galloway Council.

Jack processes the paper waste








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