World Book Day at Portpatrick

The boys and girls at Portpatrick Primary have been busy celebrating World Book Day both in school and at home. In School the Primary 1-3 children have taken part in the Live Lesson/Reading from David Walliams, listened to their favourite books, completed the ‘In school’ scavenger hunt, made a road map of all the books that MC Grammar Raps in the very first ‘World Book Day Song’ and finished off by baking some delicious Gruffalo Crumble. It has been a fun filled couple of days in school for the Primary 1-3 children and we have thoroughly enjoyed learning and exploring our favourite books.

However, lets not forget about our P4-7 pupils, who still joined in on the action and celebrated World Book Day from home – they were given a range of activities to pick from to join in on the fun. On offer were tasks such as the Masked Reader, designing their favourite character from fruit/veg/a toilet roll tube, a Big Booky Breakfast, and lots more! Have a keek below for some photos from all of our pupils, to show how we celebrated the day in style!


MC Grammar Rap + Road map to the library

Scavenger Hunt

Gruffalo Crumble

Home Learning – World Book Day

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