iPad mini Pilot Project Review

As part of an iPad Pilot Project, conducted by five primary schools in Dumfries and Galloway, I have been asked to give feedback on the project so far, by sharing observations and recommendations. For anyone interested in my findings, please click iPad Pilot Project Review to read the report. You may comment below too.

Author: Mr Archibald

P4-7 Primary Teacher, Brydekirk Primary

4 thoughts on “iPad mini Pilot Project Review”

  1. That is a very helpful blog contribution and I’m sure many will find it helpful – can you thank your students for me, I know how much their thoughts and ideas contributed – they, and you, have been stars!

  2. Thanks Stephen, the pupils’ learning shaped the report. I’ll show the class your message tomorrow, they’ll be very pleased.

    Cheers and hope all is well,

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