My Endeavour by Finlay Addison

Welcome to my Endeavour by Finlay. Endeavour is a project were you learn new skills.   Every year people do cooking, soap, mix wax and candle making and  drawing but I am doing civil engineering. Civil engineering  is a type of engineering. Civil engineering is where you build bridges or tunnels or fences.

What I have achieved

I have achieved to make a Kahoot on civil engineering and making a bridge out of rubber bands and  spagatini and making a sway on civil engineering and making two model bridges out of Kapla. And I made a poster. My favourite part of my Endeavour was when I made my Kahoot and the Kahoot had 5 questions and I had very good fun making my spagatini rubber bands bridge. I learnt how to make model bridges and learnt all about civil engineering  and learnt how to understand civil engineering.


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