Card Making By Iona

Welcome to my Endeavor. My Endeavor is card making and can be very stressful but also fun at another angle. My dreams may start to come to life if selling cards can lead me somewhere in life. Card making can be done in many different ways like, portrait cards, landscape cards, pop up cards and more! My Endeavor is great and I love it! I hope that other people choose my Endeavor through years to come. I’ve made 37 cards and 5 of them look like this. 

Sometimes when I get pen on my fingers while making and getting cards ready to sell I can get colorful fingerprints all over packaging and cards, it can get really messy. Endeavor is the best thing ever! You get to learn new skills, and you get to work hard to achieve something.

Stay safe, and have a nice day.

By Iona.

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