Cooking Main Course Meals Endeavour

Endeavour is when everyone chooses something they want to learn more about  or something fun  they enjoy doing. Endeavour is something p5/6/7 do every year and they show there work and cool activities [you don’t have to do activities] they have learned about and think people would enjoy like a quiz’s or a poster. We show our  work by getting a  table and putting our work and learnings on that table and we have a fair and people go around the hall looking at other peoples work.

My Endeavour is cooking main course meals so I am going to put some sort of food on my table for people to try.

During my Endeavour I have done many things at home like cooking, sharing recipes, seeing family members to  teach them more cooking hacks and learning new ones and writing letters. I have also done thing at school like a website, a poster, a long term planner, cooked for the class  and  my swat analysis.

My family have helped me a lot with my Endeavour especially my mum and my granny. Mrs McFarlane has also helped me when I was cooking for the class.

I have made many meals but my favourites was feta cheese and tomato pasta,  vegetable hoisin pork, tomato sausage stew, lady apple homemade burgers and pork chops with a creamy right sauce and vegetables.

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