Lock down was not the best but not the worst, what I mean is we couldn’t leave the house but that was alright because me and Kayla had our own ways to entertain ourselves with our families. Lock down stopped us from going to school which was not  the best but now we are glad to be back at school!

To start things off with some great news from lock down Kayla got a new puppy called Thora, who just happened to be Odin’s sister from another litter and he was really excited. I was really happy when lock down rules were eased I got to see Mya and Callie but before that we both were not happy because we couldn’t see friends. Kayla also got a new headset so she could talk with step brother Riley.  My cousin in Ireland got baby chicks too.

Then the bad news from lock down.  1 week in lock down my mum and dad were not too happy because Jess our dog is very old and she can not really get out side so she pooed all over the house. Kayla’s new dog Thora also learned to jump the out side fence so that was not good.  But overall we are glod to be back in school!








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