Going Back to School by Robyn and Mya

Coming back to school was a bit confusing because it looked like a hand sanitizer shop. It was weird because we had our own pencil cases with pens, pencils and all of the supplies that we needed. We weren’t allowed to share supplies either and we aren’t allowed to go outside when any other classes are outside, we have staggered break times. But this does mean we can go on the all weather pitch whenever we want.  We also have lunch all at different times for social distancing.

The good thing about school now is that we get to do P.E with out changing which saves a lot of time, and PE is always outside.  We also get to go out in the rain with the water proofs that the school gave us and we stay dry and get to play games at the same time. We spend a lot more time outside.  We also have our own laptops to do our work on. It is different but we will soon get use to it.





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